Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF6000s Cartridges / Compatible

Canon* PFI-101 130 ml. compatible ink cartridge from Nonac-ink is High Quality, and High Performance. Our Canon* replacement ink cartridge is 100% compatible to the OEM inks. Simply, Plug and Play. No ink train flushing is needed! Mix & Match with the OEM inks for better utilization and savings; Save & Print.

Canon PFI-101M Magenta

No new profiles are needed. If you are using a direct drive from windows, there is no need to worry about colour changes. Furthermore, our formulation is designed to be Clog free and accurate.

The Compatible cartridge for Canon PFI-101 are high quality ink cartridges designed for cad prints and GIS print that offer precise colour bringing your images to life. By using compatible Canon PFI-101 ink cartridges you will enable you to print the most vibrant and deepest of colours to your prints with outstanding accuracy. Each cartridge contains 130 ml of our finest ink designed specifically for this series of printer.

Our compatible Canon PFI cartridges are formulated to deliver the highest performance with even greater image quality, highly accurate colour reproduction & superior print longevity, our ink is manufactured to the highest standards specifically for the canon printers and plotters.


  • replacement for the Canon PFI 101 series
  • Canon imagePROGRAF iPF5000/ iPF5100/ iPF6000s/ iPF6100/ iPF6200
  • Capacity 130 ml.
  • Plug and print function, insert cartridge and continue printing
  • No flushing required
  • Mixed operation possible with original inks
  • EOM matched quality, colour, and durability
  • Environmental friendliness by refilled original cartridges
  • Thoroughly tested for performance and reliability
  • Get the same number of prints as the original, for a fraction of the price
  • Great prices on the Fennemania replacement cartridge for Canon PFI series.
  • This cartridge is guaranteed to work for the Canon PFI series.

For the following models:

  • Canon imagePROGRAF iPF5000
  • Canon imagePROGRAF iPF5100
  • Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6000S
  • Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6100
  • Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6200

Equivalent to:

  • PFI-101B Blue Ink Cartridge 130ml (PFI-101B, PFI101B, 0891B001AA)
  • PFI-101BK Black Ink Cartridge 130ml (PFI-101BK, PFI101BK, 0883B001AA)
  • PFI-101C Cyan Ink Cartridge 130ml (0884B001AA, PFI-101C, PFI101C)
  • PFI-101G Green Ink Cartridge 130ml (0890B001AA, PFI-101G, PFI101G)
  • PFI-101GY Grey Ink Cartridge 130ml (0892B001AA, PFI-101GY, PFI101GY)
  • PFI-101M Magenta Ink Cartridge 130ml (PFI-101M, PFI101M, 0885B001AA)
  • PFI-101MBK Matte Black Ink Cartridge 130ml (PFI-101 MBK, PFI101 MBK, 0882B001AA)
  • PFI-101PC Photo Cyan Ink Cartridge 130ml (0887B001AA, PFI-101PC, PFI101PC)
  • PFI-101PGY Photo Grey Ink Cartridge 130ml (PFI-101PGY, PFI101PGY, PFI101, 0893B001AA)
  • PFI-101PM Photo Magenta Ink Cartridge 130ml (0888B001AA, PFI-101PM, PFI101PM)
  • PFI-101R Red Ink Cartridge 130ml (PFI-101R, PFI101R, PFI101, 0889B001AA)
  • PFI-101Y Yellow Ink Cartridge 130ml (PFI-101Y, PFI101Y, 0886B001AA)

The same quality as original manufacture inks

Legal notice:

This ink cartridge is not an original product of the printer manufacturer. It is not produced, endorsed, or supported by the printer manufacturers. All brand names, product names and images are used solely for compatibility indication and in doing so are not affiliated to the original products of the respective manufacturers and are the property of their respective owner

Quality Control: Every cartridge is inspected and packaged to ensure its best condition before shipment. We provide professional and timely after-sales service, please feel free to contact us for your any question


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Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF6000s Cartridges