Canon ImagePROGRAF TX-2000

The Next Standard of Engineering.

Developed to expand the production aqueous inkjet technical documents market, the 24-inch imagePROGRAF TX-2000 Large-format printer is equipped to satisfy the many diverse needs of architects, engineers, construction, GIS and other professionals. With speeds as fast as 3D sized drawings a minute, wireless printing capability, automatic roll loading and an optional Multifunction Roll Unit, the TX-2000 printer offers greater productivity, usability, and document access control sought in the CAD industry.

Canon ImagePROGRAF TX-2000

Canon ImagePROGRAF TX-2000 Ink Cartridges KEY FEATURES

TX Stacker

Built for high productivity and increased flexibility, this stacker can stack up to 100 sheets of documents of mixed sizes, including ARCH C, ARCH D, or ARCH E/E1sizes. The variety of configurations that the TX Stacker can be positioned into helps to make prints easily accessible to pick up for on-the-go printing. When not in use, the TX Stacker can be folded up to conserve space. 

Optional 2nd Roll Unit

The optional Multifunction Roll System is a versatile media handling solution system that enables either a second roll of media to be loaded on the printer, or can be configured as a bi-directional media take-up unit. The optional second roll unit allows for the instant switching between different media types or the use of two rolls of the same paper for up to 3900 sq. ft. of printing of large, consecutive runs. As a take-up unit the operator can choose to use this option to rewind longer printouts, with the print surface on the outside or on the inside of the roll. 

LUCIA TD Pigment Ink Set

The TX-2000 device features an all new 5-colour TD pigment ink set. This ink was formulated to produce fine lines and sharp text on both inkjet and non-inkjet paper. Combine this pigment ink with water resistant media and you have a printed drawing that can withstand many outdoor conditions, especially outdoor job sites such as construction sites. Available in 160 ml, 330 ml, and 700 ml ink tanks1, you have the ability to purchase a combination of ink sizes based on your printing volume. 

 160ml Cartridges

  • 2363C001AA – PFI-110MBK Canon PFI-710M Magenta
  • 2364C001AA – PFI-110BK
  • 2365C001AA – PFI-110C
  • 2366C001AA – PFI-110M
  • 2367C001AA – PFI-110Y

330ml Cartridges

  • 2358C001AA – PFI-310MBK
  • 2359C001AA – PFI-310BK
  • 2360C001AA – PFI-310C
  • 2361C001AA – PFI-310M
  • 2362C001AA – PFI-310Y

700ml Cartridges

  • 2353C001AA – PFI-710MBK
  • 2354C001AA – PFI-710BK
  • 2355C001AA – PFI-710C
  • 2356C001AA – PFI-710M
  • 2357C001AA – PFI-710Y

Sub Ink Tank System

The TX-2000 Sub-Ink Tank System allows virtually all of the available ink in a tank to be used before having to replace it, helping to eliminate wasted ink. The empty tanks can also be replaced on-the-fly without stopping the printer. This is extremely useful during your long print jobs. 

Print Head PF-06

The newly designed 6-channel PF-06 Print Head is engineered to work with the printers high-speed carriage and high-frequency ink ejection to help facilitate fast printing. This printer boasts Canon’s print-head technology that lays down ink with outstanding speed and accuracy. The PF-06 print head incorporates a nozzle orifice shape to help minimize mist spray, producing clean lines and text. The high-precision, high-density print head, with a total of 15,360 nozzles, lays down 5 picoliter-size ink droplets that help produce sharp detail and excellent image quality. The result is consistently accurate 2400 x 1200 dpi output (max.) with fine lines that are accurate to ±0.10% and as thin as 0.02mm. 

L-COA Processor

Canon’s advanced print head technology achieves speeds up to 832 ft²/hr on uncoated media. Print a full colour, 2400×1200 dpi high resolution image with plain paper in ±42 seconds2. Powering these incredible print speeds is Canon’s L-COA processor, which controls the optimal ink layout helping to ensure high resolution output. 

Automatic Media Loading

The TX Series offers Automatic Media Loading for ease of use. You simply can place a roll of media into the printer, and let it do the rest of the work! The printer detects the roll and then automatically feeds it through. No manual feed is required. 

Direct USB Thumb Drive Printing

A new feature for the imagePROGRAF 5-colour printers is the accessibility of USB thumb drive printing, supporting JPEG and PDF file formats. Simply load your files onto your USB drive, step right up to the printer and plug your USB drive into the port. 

Security Features

The TX 2000 large-format printers come equipped with several security features designed to help prevent leaks of confidential information:

Secure Communication

  • 7312.1x Authentication
  • SNMPv3
  • IPSec

Functionality Restrictions

    Panel Lock by Remote UI
    Remote UI Multilevel
    Hide IP From Panel
    Panel Access Control
    Job Storage 

Secure Storage

    Self Encrypting Hard Disk
    Secure Disc Erase (Conforms to U.S. Department of Defense standard DoD5220.22-M)

The following functions can be disabled in administrator mode:

    Direct USB Thumb Drive Printing
    Internet Connection
    FTP and Telnet communication protocols
    Job Log Look-up

Wi-Fi® Compatible4
Printing jobs quickly is critical on the work site and in the office. The Wi-Fi connectivity can transfer technical drawing files and help speed up your workflow- perfect for high-volume printing. No Wi-Fi router is needed, which can provide greater freedom during installation. Wi-Fi connectivity is standard for the imagePROGRAF TX Series printers. 

500GB Hard Drive
A built-in 500GB hard drive within the printer can increase productivity by relieving workload from the host computer, while providing a large capacity for print job data storage and retrieval. 

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Canon ImagePROGRAF TX-2000 

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