Canon PRO-2000 ink Cartridges

We offer compatible (remanufactured) cartridges for your Canon PRO-2000 printer. Fennemania remanufactured compatible ink for your Canon’s imagePROGRAF PR0-2000 series are specially designed to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Our goal is to keep you happy, whatever it takes. 100% satisfaction guarantee means you can shop with peace of mind. Our cartridges have been tested and monitored for performance quality and page yield. All our Nonac-ink compatible ink cartridges are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Description  Canon PFI-1700M Magenta, PFI-1700M, PFI-1700M Magenta ink

  • Suitable for the Canon PFI-1700
  • Capacity 700 ml. ink tank
  • Plug and print function, insert cartridge and continue printing
  • No flushing required
  • Mixed operation possible with original inks
  • EOM matched quality, colour, and durability
  • Environmental friendliness by refilled original cartridges
  • Thoroughly tested for performance and reliability
  • Get the same number of prints as the original, for a fraction of the price
  • Great prices on the Fennemania replacement cartridge for Canon PFI-1700
  • This cartridge is guaranteed to work for the Canon PRO Series Ink.
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Compatible Canon PRO-2000 ink Cartridges

Canon PRO Series Printers:

  • Canon PRO-1000 A2 Photographic / Fine Art Printer
  • Canon PRO-2100 A1 Printer MK2 – Photography Printer
  • Canon PRO-4100 A0 Photo Printer – Photography Printer
  • Canon PRO-4100 inc Dual Roll
  • Canon PRO-6100 60″ Photo / Fine Art Printer MK2
  • Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4100S | A0 Poster / Production Printer
  • Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-6100S | 60″ Production Printer


The Compatible Canon PFI-1700 ink cartridges are an ultra-high quality ink tank designed for precise colour graphics that will bring your images to life. By using compatible Canon PFI-1700 cartridges will enable you to print the brightest and deepest cyan colours to your prints with outstanding clarity, richness, and accuracy.

Quality Compatible ImagePROGRAF PRO PFI-1700 ink Tank:

We believe in the quality of our products; we only offer ink that will help you. Same quality as the Original Canon PFI ink cartridges, only cheaper. Reduce your ink costs with our compatible Canon ink cartridges.

Based in The Netherlands we offer highest quality rebuild cartridges on the market with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Legal notice:

This ink cartridge is not an original product of the printer manufacturer. It is not produced, endorsed, or supported by the printer manufacturers. All brand names, product names and images are used solely for compatibility indication and in doing so are not affiliated to the original products of the respective manufacturers and are the property of their respective owners.

For more information regarding our compatible Canon large format ink cartridges please contact our team

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Canon PRO-2000 ink Cartridges