Canon MC-30 Maintenance Cartridge

Keep your Canon printer operating in peak condition with this Canon MC-30 maintenance cartridge. This high-quality maintenance cartridge is designed exclusively for your Canon printer and will ensure that the text and images on your prints are always crisp and clear.

A well-maintained machine gives you peace of mind, keeping your print speed high and reducing the possibility of misprints and paper jams. This maintenance cartridge is the key to crisp, high-definition output that is perfect for text or images.

The Geuine Canon MC-30 Maintenance Tank will accumulate the excess ink during normal printing processes, and print head cleaning from your Canon large format printer.

Easy to replace – Replace when printer’s software indicates ~80% full cartridge.

This genuine Canon MC-30 maintenance cartridge is essential to the high performance of your large-format inkjet printer and is also Canon part number 1156C002AA. This is an original Canon 1156C002AA maintenance kit which is the container for waste ink that is filtered out of your system during cleaning and start-up procedures.

The Canon MC-30 maintenance cartridge ensures that you are preserving your printer in perfect condition and avoiding any costly service call outs and repairs. Save time and money by picking up the Canon MC 30 maintenance cartridge that leaves you with fewer hassles and more time to produce top quality print outs.

The Canon MC-30 is compatible with the following Canon printers:

  • Canon PRO-2000
  • Canon PRO-2100
  • Canon PRO-4000
  • Canon PRO-4000s
  • Canon PRO-4100
  • Canon PRO-4100S
  • Canon PRO-6000
  • Canon PRO-6000S
  • Canon PRO-6100
  • Canon PRO-6100S
  • Canon TX-2000
  • Canon TX-3000
  • Canon TX-4000

Genuine Canon MC-30 Maintenance Tank

  • Product Model: MC-30
  • Manufacturer: Canon
  • Cartridge type: Maintenance Kit
  • MC Code: MC-30, MC30, Canon MC-30
  • Product number: 1156C002AA
  • Product dimensions: 43 x 23.5 x 6.8 cm
  • Item weight: 755 Gram

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